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INFO NASIONAL  – The government ensures that in implementing Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) it will pay attention to the precautionary principle so that policy improvements and achievements can continue to be improved. To date, there have been four improvements in controlling the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The Minister of Communication and Informatics, Johnny G. Plate, explained that the first achievement was the trend of cases and treatment by hospitals in Java and Bali showing significant improvement.

“As stated by the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Mr. Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, the data shows a decreasing trend of cases and hospital treatment in Java-Bali, up to 59.6% from the peak of cases on July 15 2021,” said Johnny, Tuesday. , (10/8).

The second increase can be seen from the community’s compliance with using masks which has reached 82 percent, an increase of 5 percent compared to February-March 2021. Third, there has been an increase in the number of testing, tracing and specimens up to three times since May 2021.


Johnny continued, the fourth increase was an increase in the daily vaccination rate which was quite significant in several agglomeration areas. “This of course will help in terms of efforts to control the Covid-19 pandemic due to this Delta variant,” he said.

Currently, there are 45 districts/cities in 18 provinces with the highest risk of Covid-19 implementing level 4 PPKM. Level 3 PPKM applies in 302 districts/cities, while 39 districts/cities implement level 2 PPKM.

Regarding PPKM outside Java and Bali, Johnny explained that this policy was taken because those areas experienced an increase in active cases of Covid-19 and deaths. Based on reports, the contribution of active cases of Covid-19 outside Java and Bali is 46.5 percent of active cases nationwide. Meanwhile, Java and Bali contributed 53.5 percent of the total national active cases.

“Keputusan berlanjutnya penerapan PPKM ini berdasarkan evaluasi hasil penerapan PPKM sebelumnya, serta situasi di lapangan. Beberapa waktu lalu, Presiden juga menyerukan respon cepat terhadap lonjakan kasus Covid-19 di luar Jawa-Bali, yang menuntut kewaspadaan. Semoga perpanjangan penerapan PPKM di luar Jawa-Bali ini akan dapat meredam jumlah pertambahan kasus yang ada,” ungkap Johnny.

Johnny menegaskan bahwa pemerintah akan berkomitmen mengendalikan pandemi, termasuk menekan peningkatan penularan virus di luar Jawa dan Bali.

“The government will continue to strive to control the pandemic throughout Indonesia, where the handling of areas outside Java-Bali will of course have a greater level of difficulty considering the breadth of the area and the completeness of the different infrastructure compared to Java-Bali. The synergy of various parties must continue to be strengthened, including community participation in disciplined health protocols. “Expanding vaccination coverage, implementing 3M, especially the use of masks, and increasing 3T (testing, tracing, treatment) are the main pillars of controlling the Covid-19 pandemic nationally,” he said.

Regarding the application of PPKM in each region, a more complete reference is listed in the Minister of Home Affairs which was published on August 9, 2021. The government has also made several changes to PPKM regulations level 3 and 4 for areas outside Java-Bali.